Attention IT administrators: Announcing Office 365 ProPlus Device-based Subscription for Education!

Office 365 ProPlus enables schools to accelerate learning and inspire all students to create their best work. Connected to the cloud, students and teachers can work together in the same document at the same time, autosave, and easily share their work.
A world where every student has a device would make deploying and managing your school’s Office 365 ProPlus and devices much easier but isn’t always possible—students need to learn to share after all! We’ve heard from many schools and IT admins who would like an easier way to set up shared school devices with user-based licensing (just think about those wonderful libraries and computer labs, it’s like device musical chairs!).
We know this is a pain, and we want to make it easier to deploy and manage Office 365 ProPlus in shared-device scenarios so that all students and teachers can access the value of Office 365. That’s why we’re introducing Office 365 ProPlus Device-based Subscription for Education. Available exclusively in EES (Enroll..