St Francis Xavier College unleashes Teams power with teachers-first strategy

Parachuting new technology into the classroom and simply hoping for the best is at best wildly optimistic. Certainly it was not an approach that resonated for Phil Sakellaridis, Director of Digital Learning at St Francis Xavier College, one of Australia’s largest secondary schools with 3200 students and 490 staff spread across three campuses in Melbourne’s south east.
Phil Sakellaridis and his Principal Vincent Feeney understand keenly the learning power technology can unleash when deployed well and used appropriately. The careful and strategic approach that the College has taken to learning transformation is now bearing fruit.
The College has updated its technology platforms and by the beginning of 2020 all students in Years 7 upward will each have their own device as part of a one-to-one initiative focused on ensuring equality across the school.
The school’s transformation began with a move to Office 365 which streamlined the technology landscape, bringing everyone onto a single un..