Using Skype in the Classroom to empower students to protect the marine environment

“Hi! Wondering if you would like to Skype with my kids and talk about plastic waste.”
It’s incredible how impactful a simple 16-word text can be, how a simple action can lead to greater achievements. This message from Oluwakemi Olurinola, a Nigerian teacher, back in August 2017, was the beginning of my Skype lesson, The Skype Plastic Cleanup Brigade. Nearly two years on, the idea behind it remains the same: little actions DO matter! By educating young people about the hazards of plastic pollution, we’re inspiring them to take action and join the fight against this global threat.
From Australia to Canada, The Skype Plastic Cleanup Brigade has been in almost 200 classrooms around the world. I’m so grateful for the students of every age and inspiring educators worldwide that I’ve met through sharing this lesson on Skype. Read on to learn how we’re building a network to find solutions for the plastics crisis.
The start of my journey I believe we can all do something to help. It doesn’t ..